Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VBS 2011 Evaluation.

I think our VBS was awesome. I'm still recovering, as I'm sure some are.

Here are some things I've been thinking about our VBS.

I. God did some amazing things ....

II. There was a lot of teamwork and different people, groups working together to pull it off.

III. I wish I had more time to plan my lessons. (I was a last minute VBS teen teacher - so could of put more effort into it)

IV. I wish it was shorter. The week seemed rather long ... and by the end of it ...we could tell our workers were tired but enjoyed it.

V. I would have a Nurse on the VBS team. (Though no injuries and one young man was sent to the ER and had his appendix removed - it might be a good idea to have a medical person on hand)

VI. Our take-home gifts didn't come in ... next year we need to start planning now .... on what the take home will be and follow-up. It wasn't any one person's fault just that the items were on back order and then had to be specially made .... The Great thing is the kids get them and we send them as part of our follow-up (Perhaps that is the better way anyways ... God worked it out)

VII. Alot of effort was behind the scenes from decorations, snacks, teachers, music, crafts, games ....(See #1 and 2) None of this could be done overnite and need a lot of coordination. Thanks to Sam and his crew.

VIII. I would work with my wife more. We had a good time working together - whether it be games or the teens ...

IX. Thought the registration process went smoothly from online and having those pre-registered and those needing to register tables.

X. Now from a parent's perspective ... I might have the cute team names also have the grades on them. (I didn't know if my son was with K-2 or K-1) and just knew what my group was. (And is it the grade they completed or grade going in? (I was asked that several times)(So just something for future reference)

All in all a GREAT VBS - well worth the effort of planting seeds, changing lives, and being Jesus' Hands and Feet.

One of the Biggest things was the opportunity to celebrate VBS - through our photos, videos we showed .... Can't wait for next year. I appreciate using Gospel Light and how easy their structure is ....

VBS is one of our Big Events of the Year .... having a ton of children and a chance to impact them with Jesus. How cool is that?

How did oyur VBS go?

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