Thursday, January 05, 2017

Epistles of Paul short Sermon Series.Titus, Philippians

So the next few months I'm preaching through Titus and Philippians. Every year I try to preach through a NT book and an OT book. What is your current series you're preaching on or listening to?

Bill Gulick Obituary

What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see, came for William Breckenridge Gulick on Tuesday, December 21, 2016.

Bill endured many physical frailties throughout his later adult years, yet he persevered through the wonderful and the not so wonderful days to still be able to greet each one with a delighted smile. If asked, he would tell you that it was Christ who gave him any strength he had. He and his dear wife, Ethel, spent every waking moment serving others and seeking new ways to be helpful in this world.

Abandoned by an unknown person at about 3 to 5 months of age in Covington, Kentucky on September 15, 1930, he was taken in by Fred and Betty Gulick, who heard of his need for care. They gave him a name and chose a birthday but never officially adopted him. Living in Covington until age 12, Bill learned early in life the power of greeting life's challenges with a clear mind and a willing heart. He then lived with several families in Cincinnati until graduation from Western Hills High School in 1947.

Bill attended Cincinnati Bible Seminary, graduating in 1951, prepared to preach God's Word. In 1949, he and Ethel were married at Forest Hill Christian Church in Virginia.

In 1951, they were called to serve God in India. Together they founded the Christ Nagar Institute (a hostel for boys) where they reared, loved, and taught over 250 boys who needed care and a home, learned to speak and read Tamil, and started the Ennore Church of Christ. Several churches were also founded in India from this home congregation with local men who served as preachers. Over twenty years were spent on this mission field.

Upon returning from India in 1973, Bill was a student at the University of Cincinnati while teaching classes at the Cincinnati Bible Seminary in the Missions Department. He preached at many Ohio and Kentucky churches on weekends during those years. In 1983, Bill and Ethel moved to Virginia, where Bill served the Tri-City Church of Christ for 12 years as their preacher. After retirement in 1995, the Gulicks served the Lord every day through hospitality, visiting the ill and encouraging so many with letters, phone calls, and visits.

In May 2015, after great anguish and both facing daunting physical illnesses, decisions were made to relocate to Mason, Ohio, where the care they both needed could be provided in the type of setting they so desired. The Christian Village at Mason provided excellent care until the time of his death.

A memorial service will be held in Mason, Ohio, in the chapel at the Christian Village on Thursday, January 12, 2017, at 7pm. A second memorial service will be held in Richmond, Virginia at a later date at Bonnie Brae Church of Christ, 7610 Staples Mill Road, Henrico, VA 23228 (804) 266-0665

Service for Bonnie Brae Feb. 11 2pm.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Books on my "To Read Shelf"


Here are some books that I am going to tackle this next year:

"Leading from the Second Chair"

"Lasting Impact"

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church

IF ....

So what are you reading?

2017 Highlights.

Here are some highlights of the past year for me and my family.

10. Grandma Betty passed away just shy of her 90th birthday. We had a memorial day service this past summer.

9. Nicole got new braces and new glasses.

8. Nicole joined STRING SINFONIETTA of the Richmond Youth Orchestra Program. She played in various venues that only some people dream of.

7. Brian played Basketball. His first season in a sport this past summer won the championship ... and involved in the Winter League. Something new having an athlete in the family.

6. Camp. Another season of camp .... Co-deans of JC training and also Vice-Chairman and Chairman by default. Been an interesting season of support of the camp.

5. Music lessons come to an end. Brian (Guitar) and Kendra (piano) decided to take a break for now.

4. Day Trips - Lake Anna and to the Riva .... were some fun adventures for us.

3. New Van. Our old van 1999 ...went to that Van Heaven in the Sky.

2. New Schools for the kids. With Kendra going to High School (Trying out chorus and drama) and Nicole in Middle School and Brian rising to middle school it was all a new adventure due to:

1. New Home. We bought a House. A place we can call our own. Valerie and I's highlight was moving. Looking at homes in the Spring. Buying and closing in the summer and getting settled the last few months. It sure has been a season of NEW this past year ... Can't wait to see what 2017 holds for us ....

Thursday, December 29, 2016

You can help the Spiritual Health of your Church in 2017

Here are 4 suggestion to help your church in the upcoming year:

1. Intercede. Prayer for your preacher, staff, leadership, - elders, deacons etc.

2.Support your Church. Attend. Nothing says this is my church by just being there.

3. Contribute. Use your time, talents, and treasure that God has given you to give back to the Kingdom.
Nothing says Healthy - when you have people who have too much time helping the church; saying we have too many volunteers, and too much funds ... usually the church generally struggles in these areas.

4. Pay attention to the preaching and teaching. Don't just merely listen, but do what it says. Follow along to see if it lines up to what the Word is saying. Nothing excites the leadership more than knowing people listen and apply.

Who is with me?

The Hands that Held Mary's Child

I came across this Christmas Hymn written by Thomas Troeger which I read at our Christmas Eve Service.

I had pointed out the minor role but godly faithfulness of Jesus' step father, Joseph.

"The Hands that First Held Mary's Child" (1985)

The hands that first held Mary's child
were hard from working wood,
from boards they sawed and planed and filed
and splinters they withstood.
This day they gripped no tool of steel,
they drove no iron nail,
but cradled from the head to heel
our Lord, newborn and frail.

When Joseph marveled at the size
of that small breathing frame,
and gazed upon those bright new eyes
and spoke the infant's name,
the angel's words he once had dreamed
poured down from heaven's height,
and like the host of stars that beamed
blessed earth with welcome light.

"This child shall be Emmanuel,
not God upon the throne,
but God with us, Emmanuel,
as close as blood and bone."
The tiny form in Joseph's palms
confirmed what he had heard,
and from his heart rose hymns and psalms
for heaven's human word.

The tools that Joseph laid aside
a mob would later lift
and use with anger, fear, and pride
to crucify God's gift.
Let us, O Lord, not only hold
the child who's born today,
but charged with faith may we be bold
to follow in his way.