Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Social Gospel, Social Justice, Get Rich - Oh MY!

What does the Social Gospel

the Prosperity Gospel
(Otherwise known as the Health and Wealth Gospel?) and the

Social Justice Controversy
have in common.

Well, when you mention any of them they tend to take the focus off of Jesus. The Social Gospel has alot in common with the Social Justice ... helping others. The problem is the social justice focuses on benevolent acts alone with no discipleship efforts. Social Justice can lead to evangelism efforts. Both the social gospel and the prosperity gospel tend to fall short of the gospel and what it is Meant

Should the church be supporting places that are helping the poor, and thus social justice issues? Sure. We just need to be careful how that concern can be taken off the Author and Perfector of our Faith: Jesus.  We need to be the hands and feet of Jesus, not just "Hands and Feet."

Lots of good work have been done in the name of Jesus. Some even anonymously.
The reason: People knew who they were Serving. Not these people. But Jesus. That is why organizations that I know personally like IDES, etc. try to be Jesus to others. Notice I didn't say any Government organization. Sometimes the best "Community Organizers" in the midst of crisis are those involved already in the Body of Christ.

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