Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Jesus Year: Review.

Just got finished reading this book entitled: My Jesus Year. It is a story of a non-christian's view of the Church. (Actually a rabbi's son)

It was a very amusing and almost SAD look at "Christianity" as a whole. What is amusing is the whole take of the "Christian Industry" side of things of which the author finds both amusing and SAD. Things like being caught up in the holidays around Christmas - but having nothing to do with Christ, nor the real reason for the holidays.

And one that stood out to me about Easter pg. 180 on a pastor shortening his service "Sorry Christ. Congrats on the whole coming back from the dead thing. That's really great and all, but it's freezing up here, so God bless and we'll catch you back at the gift shop." WOW.

And then there was the focus on the wrong things. "We build a monument where God was, not not where God is." pg. 70

And then the author's observation of a church service "In some ways, this felt more like a concert performance than a religious service." pg. 38.

Though the author interacts with Christians, He still decides to remain true to his Jewish roots. There is one statement that gives me hope, and may it be true of us and any one that is a follower of Christ, that is observed. "Not because I witnessed Jesus, but because I witnessed something far more inspiring - His people." pg. 59.

I've noticed lately I've been reading books from a perspective of those outside of Christ and their take on Christianity. (Unlikely Disciple, My Jesus Year, I sold my Soul on Ebay) It seems I'm trying not to be caught up in my own "Christian" bubble but really try to take people from where they are.

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