Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Justice Project - A Review.

I received this book via Baker Books from a recommendation of a friend. I would be the first that I had a misconception of what the word and meaning of Justice was. Especially Social Justice. At first glimpse I thought "oh, great another liberal book to try to swallow" But as I was reading it it gave a different glimpse.

This book is a collection of writings of a variety of different authors, backgrounds etc. on asking the Bigger questions such as what is Justice? How does it impact me etc. The book is broken into 5 sections.

I. The God of Justice.

II. The Book of Justice.

III. Justice in the USA

IV. A Just World.

V. A Just Church.

And then ends with the conclusions.

One of the chapters I keep coming back to is early in the book, Chapter 4. The Chapter is entitled: "A Tradition of Justice"- Snapshots of the the church pursuing justice across the major periods of church history. The author is Jenell Williams Paris. It is an interesting insight to where we have come and where we have to go in the interests of justice through the ages of early church, the middle ages, reformation, modern and postmodern ages. The one quote that hits home for me is found on pg 57. "There's nothing new about Christian concern for justice, but it's a new day in which we may carry forward the cause." Thus we can be the hands and feet of Jesus because faith without works is dead.

Other reviews can be seen here

Might want to pick up your copy of this book.

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