Friday, February 15, 2013

Unusual Encounters (Adventures in Candidating)

Through the years I've encounter many different people and places inbetween ministries and it has been interesting. From a church in Southern California treating us right (Which we turned down) to the lost coorespondence of never hearing back from a church. So here are some I'd like to share from the past 18 years or so ..... (In no particular order)

I. Traveling 12 hrs one way to stay overnite (No reimbursement for Gas etc) interviewed and never hear from the people again. Nothing. No rejection letter, nothing.

II. Questioned at one interview one minister's wife to mine: "Do you smoke?" (We don't ...but figured out we must of had a smoke smell on our clothes due to the neighbors in the apartment below us)

III. Telling a ministry I was in that I was looking for another place to serve. It wasn't long until I was gone from that ministry. Sometimes it is best not to tell until you have that next place to serve.

IV. Car breaking down on the way back from an interview. My Father-in-law came and helped.

V. A law enforcement/ Church leader gave me the third degree and told me in no uncertain terms that I had no business applying to their church because I didn't meet the criteria of 5yrs in ministry. (Apparently my 13 yrs as an Associate/ Youth Ministry background didn't count) They wanted a guy who had 5yrs as a preacher for a small church.

VI. Getting a rejection letter the same day I applied via email. It was less than 2hrs from when I sent the email. (They could of waited until at least the next day)

VII. Asked my age. Told I was too old for the position. (Youth Ministry) or too young (Preaching position)

VIII. Had a church ask what I thought about dancing. Referencing the original Footloose movie.

IX. One of the newest questions deals with my alma mater (former Roanoke Bible College) Mid Atlantic Christian University. With alot of the schools changing their name there is some confusion. So asked if MACU was a Restoration Movement school. Problematic at times.

The process can be frustrating but God is in control. If you are candidating at a church... be yourself who God has called you to be .... and know that you are not alone in finding out that we all have strange family ways out there.

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