Friday, February 22, 2013

Top Rejection Lines

So I've been getting a lot of rejections from jobs, ministries etc. Here are some I've come across ...

I. We feel God is leading us elsewhere.

II. Though you have a lot of good qualities it isn't a right fit.

III. We prayed over our decision and decided to go elsewhere.

IV. God has already sent us the right person.

V. Though you are a strong candidate, at this time we decided to go with someone else.

VI. We at this time are going to say no to your application.

VII. Our committee feels you don't have the right qualifications for what we need at this time.

VIII. God is telling us to go with someone else.

IX. Thank you for your application ...We are going with someone else.

X. Thanks but no thanks.

(I've gotten plenty of others - some amusing, some rather rude, but in all God is in this thing.) I appreciate all the places getting back to me at least ... there are some I haven't heard from at all, which I'd think is a telling sign as well.

What rejections have you gotten? Taken to heart? Ever ask further why they rejected or given more specifics?


Jay Phillippi said...

"You lack the breadth of education, experience and expertise we are looking for at this time"

Um, I've been doing this for 20+ years, I have achieved certification in this ministry and I have worked at every level of my denomination. So just what the heck are you looking for?

Jason Roth said...

"We don't have a peace about it"

I email every now and then to get a more clear and explained answer so far in all my years only one guy has ever emailed back.

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