Friday, June 01, 2012

Making Vision Stick - a review

Making Vision stick. I'll be honest ... I really didn't like this book. Seemed more of a business model. With one of my favourite sermons from Phil Vischer, and his rant on "Vision Statements" This book was hard to swallow. I'd agree that our Vision (Revelation of God and His Word) is the lifeblood of my organization. Andy Stanley's little book tries to make your church grwo if you stick to your vision statement and go from there.

Though the personal illustrations (Such as almost getting mad at his son's baseball coach .... and yet turned out to be a witnessing tool is good)

There was one statement that hit home for me through the book found on page 62.

" ...but 90 percent of the prayer requests are about sick people from your leadership and staff, your vision is slipping. We pray for what we are most burdened for. If nobody in my leadership circle requests prayer for someone who is far from God, that's a big red flag for me."

The book was a short to the point read ...that I had to re-read several times to get the point. On a scale from one to 5 ...I'd give this book a 2.5.


Anonymous said...

Was wondering if you could provide a link to the sermon by Paul Vischer's rant on vision statements.

Gerrard Fess said...

I don't have it online just bought the CD from NYWC ... it would be good to have online though.

Anonymous said...

Could you let me know what the CD is? I am curious to hear it, especially during this time of me trying to write a purpose statement for our youth ministry.

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