Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Beautiful Mess - A Review

Marko's latest book about Youth Ministry is a Must for anyone in youth ministry. It is almost a follow-up from his book YM 3.0. He refutes the "Sky is falling" in the youth ministry world that a lot of us have been saying for years. He talks of the components of a great youth ministry - love youth, willing to grow as a follower of Jesus, willing to do so in the midst of students.

What I like most about Marko's latest book is his honest, transparent evaluation of youth ministry and encouragement. His "Bigger Youth Ministries" isn't always better statements sums it up. The author basically states that God can use churches and youth ministries of all sizes - both big and small ... and not to be caught up in the comparison game but be who God has called you to be. It seems to be a beautiful mess that God is using groups of all sizes to reach the "Michaels" of the world and not just write them off.

The concluding remarks about being intentional ... through humility, learning, and knowing that it is God in control, not us. This book is a reminder to youthworkers why we do what we do.

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