Friday, June 01, 2012

Stanley Cup Finals 2012

If earlier this season ...someone mentioned they think it would be a Kings-Devils Final ...everyone would call you crazy. And yet here we are. Most of it comes down to the battle of the goaltenders .... ole veteran guard in Brodeur and new in Quick.

Both teams have vets and good players. The rookie Adam on the Devils, the washedup, overpaid Ilya K, and the Kings have their own stars Brown being one. Their coach's family name "Sutter" is known throughout the hockey world.

Personally I'm hoping for the Kings to win it all. Why? Not since 1993 when the Great One last played for the Cup against the Habs has LA made it this far. Should be a good series. The real question is will Brodeur retire raising the Cup or retire not making it this year?

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