Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What They Didn't Teach You In Seminary - A review.

What they didn't teach you in seminary is a practical book of 25 lessons from the school of hard knocks. One of them in Chapter 10 entitled: Hills to Die for ... could of been the advice I was given "Choose your battles wisely" (which sometimes I didn't)

These 25 lessons range from protecting your spiritual health to that of what the practical aspects of ministry are. The one statement that stood out on pg. 139 is "The Church cannot ensure that all goes well with you." This after stating what the church's job is not. (So often we lose focus and think it is the church's job to raise my kids, save my marriage. make me friends, feed me - and those maybe good things and the church can equip people ... but the Church is ultimately to fulfill the Great Commission ... go and make disciples ... All this other "stuff" sometimes loses that focus)

What they didn't teach you in seminary is a good practical book on ministry. I wouldn't say that it is 25 lessons for successful ministry in your church but rather 25 lessons for any type of ministry period to learn.

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