Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everything I learned about Ministry I learned from Hockey!

1. There is only One Great One!
2. When there is conflict; there will always be a referee
3. Fighting can and will occur often even in the church.
4. Change will come quickly and you may not like it.
5. You get to score ever now and then
6. No one likes a tie game
7. Sudden death either excites you or sends fear!
8. No one team is exactly alike
9. Firing is never easy
10. There will be times of low attendance


Brian Senecal said...

11. This is truly a team sport. No one person is above the team

Matt Murphy said...

12. if you keep moving it will keep you warm, but if you just sit on the ice you will be cold and miserable (http://engagingtheshadowsofyouthministry.com

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