Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Dream Comes True!!

It all started as a conversation on the ole YS listserv and then forums - it went to a meeting in Chicago with a handful of youth workers to discuss what they can do to help "Hurting" youthworkers in the trenches. From there several of the moderators of the YS Forums and the members of the ole listserv and those from YS had a heart for those youth workers that were hurt by ministry while in the trenches. As the YS forums transitioned to YMX (and another called area called Raising Lazarus) - there was still this idea of how can we help those youthworkers being beat up by the church, and yet how we can support and encourage those youthworkers and the church to be Jesus to others?

And so YS(NYWC) and Simply Youth Ministry had soul care aspects of their youth ministry conventions - which was fine for a few days but what about the rest of the year?

My friend, Len Evans, shares the new adventure Here
and along with great people like Patti

Here is the

Here is the Simply Soul Care Site

Now Len might not be a Big Room speaker but He definitely has a Big Heart for those in the trenches of youth ministry and a Big heart for God.

It all started with a few people .... and some who been praying for years for something to happen ... and finally it has with a Great Leader.

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Matt Murphy said...

I wrote on this too. This has been a long time in coming for the youth ministry world. Getting cared for by people who care for them and what they care for. Helps to be able to ask for help without the threat ofgetting fired. http://engagingtheshadowsofyouthministry.com/?p=541.

I'm hoping to see this grow into its own full born ministry that just takes on a life of its own and builds into the landscape of youth ministry.

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