Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Idea You can Use: Church Mailboxes.

We love to have letters. Even with technology - email, texts, and so forth ...ole school cards and letters are meaningful. We've had some of our elderly saints (who are on a fixed income) ask us if we can put up the Alphabetical mailbox which we use to exchange Christmas cards to have out permanently. Why? Sending cards gets expensive. (You figure postage, time and the cards and several dollars per card). We have several saints which are faithful to send birthday, anniversary, get well wishes, Thank you notes etc. So we have made it easy ...

We put our Alphabetical box. (Office mailboxe sorter found at any Office Depot, Staples etc) Sample one found here
It makes exchanging of cards easier and a ministry that is often forgotten about: Exhorting and encouragement.

Do you have the Spiritual gift of encouragement?

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