Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Civil War Reenactment.

So my children went to a Civil War Reenactment
recently. My kids asked:

"So who are the bad guys, and who are the good guys?" The answer wasn't easy. (Unless you're from either way and think you are the one - some are still fighting the war) My response - "there wasn't any bad or good guys. It was just bad. Brother against brother .... friend against friend. It was just not a good time in our History."

Of course some family had their little one (Young than my son) yelling "Kill them darn yankees" (And he didn't use the word darn either)

I cringed at this - and we ended up moving. Living near Antietam and Gettysburg brings some things into perspective.

May the lessons of the past be ones we learn from. It seems to me though that lately we're in a civil war of not like long ago but in politics - Republican and Democrat and each claiming to be right. SAD thing is that those in the trenches and doing the real work lose out.

what about you

Learning from the past?

Ever been to a reenactment?

What did you think?

Is the political battles of today so much like the civil war? What lessons can we take from the Civil War?

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