Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top People that Influenced my Life.

1. My Family. From my Mom to grandma, to my brothers, Lori to my wife, kids, and her family. They helped shape me.

II. My Church family. From the Tanners, Kindys, Madill and Verna Hoover, Sherks, Hoovers, Sevenpifers, Boyds, Cowans, Donovans, House, Burkes, Mills etc. CWF Woman's Group ... so many been praying for me and holding my hand and encouraging me. Couldn't ask for a better church home.

III. Ontario Christian Assembly - OCA. Nothing like camp and learning from people like the Cormodes, Grahams etc.

IV. Ontario Christian Seminary (OCS) Though it no longer it exists - it helped with Youth Rallies, scholarship, the professors had influence on our lives. I never forget our youth group touring Chinatown, going to a Mosque, Hindi Temple etc. in Toronto and the learning experience.

V. Cayuga Secondary School - CSS. From friends to student council to helping with football. With teachers like Mr.Skelding, Mr. Nesbitt. My secondary education helped influence me not only scholarly, and socially but also be a balanced person.

VI. Byng Camp - to the adventures I had with my brother, to my Dad and Mom and camping there. It is more than just my dad working there ... it was family.

VII. Selkirk. From the Home Hardware to the local store to the Blue Water. I had the opportunity to be a newspaper boy, waiter, lawn maintenaince engineer (Cut grass), Stripper (Furniture), and pooper scooper (Sewer) ...doing odd jobs.

VIII. Camp Selkirk: The opportunity to be a counsellor to young teens. All the friends, and sometimes how much I think back how much of a jerk I can be. This Camp taught me to be more responsible. I needed to grow up ... and sometimes I was just immature.

IX. Mid Atlantic Christian University aka RBC (Roanoke Bible College). My post secondary education taught me so much about life, God and seeking Him. The friends, memories, and well pranks  will last a lifetime.

X. Library. The love for books started with the Selkirk Library. One of the first couple books I owned was a Gideon's Bible from My Mom and Dad; a Ferrari book from Mrs. Guch (For being a library assistant in the Rainham library), and a Bible dictionary from Bruce Boyd. I worked in the library for several years while at MACU, and have my own personal library (Thanks to some retired preachers) and literally given hundreds of books away to new youth ministers and preachers as well.

XI. Ministries I served. Things I've learned  Each ministry helped enhance, equip and encouage me to continue on the journey.

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