Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Things I've learned from past Ministries.

I've had a few ministries and they have been a great opportunity and learning experience for me.

Here are some lessons I've learned along the way.

I. My Ministry in Ohio - Experimenting. The church leadership allowed me to experiment in building relationships, help bridge the "Generation" gap ... and just love people. Some godly leaders there and I really needed to learn to listen.

II. My Ministry and time in Seminary in Indiana. Evaluation. Self-evaluation and learning experience.

III. My Ministry in Virginia. Encouragement. From the local ministers to the Christian school, to knowing that even with a small group of  people - great things can and were being done for the Kingdom.

IV. My ministry in North Carolina. Excellence. To be the leader God wants me to be. Too often I was playing shy or downplaying the "staff" role I had. It was overwhelming at times. By the end, my heart wasn't in it. I remember one staff person saying to me .... "Speak up ... you're a leader too ..." A lot of godly youth, families, parents, and leaders there. I think this ministry prepared me for where I am now.

V. Current Ministry: Edification. I seem to be edifying and equipping our people to do great things...which we have done and continue to do for the God's Kingdom. Never would I have pictured being a preacher in a church ... but God had other things in mind.

Post-Secondary Education Ministry opportunities:


My Home Church:  A Supporting Foundation. I usually send a greeting or report yearly of how doing .... in the early years of my ministry I had several elders check on me continually. (Even some visit the places I've been ministering to) Lately not so much - but with Social media - there is still the Church Leaders keeping tabs on what is God doing with me lately.

What have you learned from past ministies, anything??

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