Monday, April 18, 2011

Christian Artists that have Influenced me.

Music influences. People influence. People ask me now and again; so who is your favourite Christian artists?

Here are the artists that have influenced me .... (And most I have met or been to their concerts as well).

I. Larry Norman. Probably the father of the CCM movement. Got to meet him at Cornerstone.

II. Stryper. Nothing says it better than "To hell with the devil." While my friend, Rusty, was into Iron Maiden, I loved Stryper. (Gotta love 80s metal)

III. Allies. Before "Butterfly Kisses" Allies was it.

IV. David Meece. I never forget trying to sing (and embarrassing myself) one of his songs.

V. Degarmo & Key. The Pledge had impact on my life. (Never forget Marc and I goofing off and Mrs. C rebuking us .... we had a ton of fun but also learned alot)

VI. Amy Grant. (I know, I use to like her music .... later Songs from the Loft ...paved the way to the Passion series)

VII. D.C. Talk - they tried to rap; doing a nu thing; and ended up being Jesus Freaks and doing His will.

VIII. Audio Audrenaline. The songs - get down; Hands and feet; help us focus on the Big house.

IX. Insyders - ska music with the O.C. Supertones and Five Iron.  Ska was big. I just liked the Insyders.

X. Acappella - loved the music, and the songs. The album "Fellowship" probably was my favourite.

XI. David Crowder Band. - the whole passion series, and the worship sets helped influence that worship wasn't so much just singing but reflecting who God was.

XII. Sheila  Walsh. I know some of you maybe surprised about this. I went to one of her concerts in the 80s ... and thought she was great.

Any others you would add? That influenced you? 

Honorable mention: Newsboys, Geoff Moore, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Bride, Guardian.

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