Monday, April 18, 2011

Must have Cables for Ministry

There are a lot of different cables and a lot of different gadgets one uses for ministry.

Here are some Cables I recommend:

1,  RCA Video Cable with audio. Connect your TV, dvd, blue ray player etc.

2. Monster Cable for connecting DVD etc to your laptop

3.  USB to parallel adapter cable - to run your laptop to a printer.

4. apple Ipod dock to usb cable to charge your mp3 player.

5.  4 port usb connector

6. s video cable - comes in handy.

7.  A Capcapture cable or MPT Video/Audio Capture, DVD Maker Adapter - USB-AVCPT  alows you to convert your VHS or DVD player to your laptop via usb.

8.  Various USB cables and connections from male to male to other inputs of camera etc. Including USB extension cables.

9.  Audio Y cable. There have been times when I wanted to play a certain song from my ipod or phone through our sound system.

10. Power cables. Adapters etc. Never anything like your Flip, Ipod, laptop go on the blink than not having the power source.

Any other cables you would suggest?

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