Friday, February 25, 2011

Youth Ministry as a Crutch

Wrote this Summer 2006.

So I got thinking that there are churches that think Youth Ministry as a Crutch. They use, abuse, and misuse the idea of youth ministry. So here are some things that churches do that use Youth Ministry as a Crutch:

1. They see it as a way to Grow the Church.

2. They see youth ministry as glorified babysitting.

3. More programs, more outings = more fun, games and more of YMCA director.

4. They get what they pay for. So let's pay our youth minister poor, give him no Budget but we expect our church's youth group to be like Willow Creek, Saddleback or any other Mega Church (Insert Name here)

5. Isn't youth ministry just a stepping stone so young ministers can be "REAL" Ministers and get their own "Church" (Notice tongue in cheek)

6. Let's Sell. Fundraise and market Jesus. Afterall it will bring people to our church.

7. We don't want those type of kids. (What type is that anyways?) Just look after our kids. (Back to the babysitting mentality)

8. The Senior Minister is the final authority. (Translation: Don't you dare do anything to tick us off or you're fired and we'll talk to the Senior Minister before you because we don't have to come to you ...)

9. Why aren't you at all our kids events, and why did you have to have all these trips during my sons basketball season, and why is it my "Sally" can't be in the Praise Band but that girl with "Pink hair" can?

10. Everyone is your Boss.

Don't you just want to love God and love students rather than using the Crutches and politics of Church agenda.

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Anonymous said...

11. Instead of taking responsibility as parents, I fear we often expect the youth minister to be solely responsible for teaching children about God. A youth minister is there to assist us as WE guide our children by word and example, not to do all the teaching for us.

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