Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Books for Church Leaders.

I just finished reading The Healthy Pastor. It is a MUST HAVE book for any leader. So many quotes and so little time. Such as: "Despite all the demands of twenty-first living, ministers can learn to manage their lives and their time." pg. 127 (Something I'm learning to do and balance)

"A common joke among ministers is that the ministry would be a great profession if it wasn't for the people. Of course ministry is all about people." pg. 126

The author is very blunt and honest with the both trials and joys of ministry. He, even, calls out some churches that don't deserve to have a church leader. Calls them "Widow-makers."

This book is a practical guide and resource to help those recapture the joy and excitement there is to serving God and His people. I know this book is one I couldn't put down.

This next book was a gift book, given to me by a church member. A very short and sweet collection of illustrations that can uplift you. With all illustrations - some of these represent possible urban legends - so though meaningful in their intent ... some might be best to skip in sermon illustrations unless you clarify otherwise.

On my "To READ Shelf Next" is Leading the Vision by Dale Galloway, The Power Based Life.

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