Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Church 3.0 - A Review.

Church 3.0 is about the author inferring that the way we've been doing church has been wrong and we need to start over. The author seems to be on the same path as others in the "House Church" "Organic Church" movement.

Which isn't a bad thing ... the problem is discounting the multiplication factor being down in churches (Though he says it is addition only - which I'll disagree)

The two bigger issues of Cole's book is he says this is upgrades to the future ... the problem is it:

1. Discounts the role of the eldership in such. (Says homes and shared meal though 1 Cor. 11 tends for people to share a meal in their own homes so they not fight over eating the Lord's Table)

2. Discounts the usage of tools such as buildings, procedures etc. can have on the community. I agree that it's all about the presence of Christ, not programs, policies, buildings and budgets .... But let's not discount those tools of which can help lead people to Christ.

There tends to be much wrong in the thinking of Church 3.0 as if it can and should arrive. I'm thinking Church 2.0 can skip 3.0 and Just BE THE CHURCH God called it to be.

If it wasn't for a required reading for my local ministers' group ... I might of just skipped this book. Though it did allow me to scream, highlight, and out of frustration yell at sometimes. You probably should skip it too unless you want to re-think why you learned what you learned about Church and what it does and shouldn't be doing.

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