Thursday, May 06, 2010

Almost end of the Journey

This  week has  gone by fast.

Here are several questions I've been asked.

Who did you go with? I went with Hope Missions (Supported and based out of the Cogan Station Christian Church in Cogan Station, PA)
This included that church, one from Reading, and the people from NY and near Pittsburgh, PA. There is about 30+ people in all.

What were you doing? Basic construction and ministry. We helped build an addition for classrooms with Diamond Willow Ministries
and basically our job was to lay the foundation and concrete basement walls. (Other groups throughout the summer will come in after us to help finish the build)

We can basically say we helped build a foundation.

We had daily meal devotions, nightly Bible studies, and lots of good fellowship. Friday and Saturday were travel days. Sunday - Worship (We even sang a song in dakota), Monday concrete floor (I helped with playground, tipi poles, and other errands) Tuesday - Thursday were days working on the walls and we finished today. Friday and Saturday will be travel days back.

This area has great potential for ministry for people that need the transformation only found in Jesus.

I did get to have some T-shirts and make a bracelet. God has been doing some amazing things.

Check out Diamond Willow Ministries website for the History, Vision and how you can be involved. Continue to keep this ministry, the staff in your prayers.

I did get to help out with social media aspects and how they can further spread the Word.

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