Sunday, May 02, 2010

Greetings from a Short Term Missions Trip in S.D.

So this week I'm helping as a work team with a Great Mission. My friend, Jeff and I drove to near Williamsport, PA (3hrs) to go on a 24 hr Bus trip to South Dakota.

Great trip so far. Had dinner Friday nite near my first ministry (By one mile). Saturday was a day of travel. We arrived Saturday and staying in a bunk house.

We have another preacher, a widower, a retired preacher, police officer, engineer, minister's wife and people from MD, PA,  and NY.  (about 30 in all representing Hope Missions) (Even wonderful people from Pittsburgh)

Each meal we have a devotional thought and a song. There is great opportunity for ministry here.  Lots of pictures, building construction and prayer. We had services today and also a quick history of the area and ministry. God is doing some great things. Remember me and the team this week.

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