Monday, May 10, 2010

Carpet, An Organ, and What God is doing.

I leave for a few days and great things with our facility have happened. Remember the church "Facility" is just a tool - the church is the people.

Let me list a few things though:

1. Our classroom wing hallway got painted and updated. (One of our deacons helped paint)

2. New carpet is being installed in the foyer and hallway down the classroom wing. (Someone decided to donate $$ to get it done)

3. We got $$ to repair the damage for our breakin a few mths back.

4. The teen room got new seating donating. A Great new long sectional couch. (Looks new and matches the new paint job there)

5. We donated our organ and piano to a ministry that was just sitting there in the back Music room (Next to my office). Story was we had an organ and piano for over 2yrs sitting there doing nothing and we tried to sell with no luck. Out of the blue we get a call. A man, named Jim was interested (Heard about it from the guy who use to service our organ). He came and checked out the organ. (Played it - first time I heard it played). They wanted an organ for their fellowship Hall - willing to haul it away, service it, and give us a donation. So it will be used in a church building and ministry.,\

Jim had mentioned that he might have someone interested in the piano as well. Long story short: His wife was the one who wanted the piano for their Nursing Home (where she works). She called me. After introducing over the phone ... I figured out who she was. (We recently donated 3 dozen hymnals to her "Chapel" there where one of our congregation's members is residing at that home in Chambersburg, PA) So the piano is going to a place where a lady who has been in a Nursing home for some time. What a small world, yet God is doing some great things.

6. One of our young men, DJ, did a great job preaching yesterday.

I'm still recovering from my trip. We gave an update on Hope Missions, Diamond Willow Ministries and this Sunday will give the church a glimpse into Jeff and I's perspective and how God used us.

God is amazing.

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