Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Saw the "RUSAVD" on the back of a personalized license plate from WVA around my home.

I'm like "Really?" "How cute, you really think someone is going to ask you about Jesus because you have that on your license plate?" Fact is that license plate similar to the tracts above ask the wrong questions. They speak Christianese rather than taking people from where they are to where they need to be.

R U SAVD? Come on. Will those that don't know Jesus, really know they need to be saved? Saved from what? Show me one scripture ... just one .... where someone asked someone who didn't know Jesus "Are you saved?" Come on. Let's get real. It isn't even about saving or presenting the gospel message, is it?! It is about being arrogant, and rubbing in ...what you would called Lost people that you know Jesus and they don't. SAD thing is, this person probably thinks that is all they have to do is just have this license plate and pray that someone asks what it means.

(NOTE: I don't know this person and am not in no way criticism them as a person just this method).

So what is One to do? If you are to present the good news of Jesus. Be Jesus. Be the Church to others. It isn't about saving or not. It is about presenting that we are saved by Grace ... because of what Jesus done for us, we might have a relationship with God. That we put our faith in Him. (Believe) We repent (A Change in mind that leads to a change in action. One can say they want to quit smoking but until they start doing it - they haven't quit) confess, and are baptized and start living the Christian life.

Now is there some formula like the 4 laws or "If you were to die tonite ..."

I don't think so. I think it is about being a part of God's story. Asking questions like, Do you know Jesus, Here is how Jesus changed my life rather than R U Saved?

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Ron said...

The problem of the "Here is how Jesus changed my life" thing is that many faiths, therapies and ideologies can and do make the valid claim of changed lives. You point to some subjective inward experience. The artist formally know as Cat Stevens found his peace in Islam. I know of people who were addicted to drugs and porn whose life was turned around by Mormonism.

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