Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Fess Family Heritage

I always Found this site
Interesting. Back in the 80s (And Special Thanks to My Aunt Marion) I did alot of work and history of the Fess family and all the various links of Hoovers, Houses, Schweyers, Hares etc. Here is a Brief History from my DAD. (Which I was always told there was a Family Bible with the History in it and the story of the 3 brothers before I found this website - and both from the same area.)

So here is the History I gather. (And interesting enough is the American History and American connection as well) My relatives came over from Alsace-Lorraine to land in Phillie, PA and migrated to Rainham Twpship in Southern Ontario in 1847.

Solomon Fess (1804 - 1848)

His Son

Peter Fess 1832 - 1911

His son

Henry Fess 1857 - 1932

His son

Walter Leslie 1894 - 1970

Then My Dad

Sheldon Fess

Then me.

Anyone else know their family History? I don't know why my family left. Might be interesting to learn that and any connections back in Europe. I know I have alot of the other variables filled in as well but this is a very simple overview. You can make it as complex or as simple as you need it to be. My assumptions is that Solomon was either one of the brothers or relative of the brothers .... and went further North from NY.

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