Monday, October 12, 2009

A Review: Leadership From the Inside out - Kevin Harney

Our Fusion Group (Group of local Church leaders) are reading this book for the month of October as part of our monthly study.

Kevin Harney gives some great insight, as church leaders, to examine ourselves in ministry to keep ourselves on task and focus. From our heart, mind, ears, mind, mouth, hands, funny bone to that of being pure.

This leadership book is a great insight on how one can be more accountable and encourage and equip leaders to be better leaders. The discussion questions at the back make it ideal for small group ministry as well.

One of the disappointing things I felt like one of the chapters spent too little on the dangers of sexual desires and seemed rather rushed to finish the book and might of expounded more.

This book is a good start into the role of self examination. There is always room for improvement. I know I need to improve all the time. I'm looking forward to seeing what my peers will discuss the next time we meet and their opinions and self examination in context to what Harney is trying to convey.

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