Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogging Rules, FTC, Reviews and Me!

My friend, Patti Gibbons, has a great post on New FTC Rules for blogging

I've been online for over 12 years. Blogging here for over 6yrs. Done tons of Reviews ...

Here are some rules I follow:

1. Link Back. Cite the Source.

2. Most reviews I bought the book, myself, rarely are books or product given to me until recently by Thomas Nelson (Which I've done only one review for them: Notes from the Tilt a Whirl and getting ready to do Doug Field's latest book)

3. I have beta tested and helped edited material. (YS had some of the ole Forum Mods test some of the CD rom Ideas library, and Talksheets and I even helped out with Doug Fields' Videos That Teach Vol. 2 - and who said I hated Doug?)

4. Honesty is the best policy. Do I make mistakes? Sure. Do I mean to be mean spirited and not like Jesus? Absolutely not.

5. Know that I blog about life, Jesus, hockey and whatever else.

6. I love people who read my blog but my blog is about me, my ministry, and what God is doing. Sometimes I get criticized - and that's ok too.

Thanks to Adam
for helping me clarify more.

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