Monday, October 12, 2009

The 10 Dumbest Things Christians Do - Mark Attebery: A Review.

So I just finished, Mark Atteberry's book. Here are the 10 moves:

Dumb Move #1: Slinging Mud on the Bride of Christ
Dumb Move #2: Winning People to the Church Rather Than to the LORD
Dumb Move #3: Living Below the Level of Our Beliefs
Dumb Move #4: Speaking Above the Level of Our Knowledge
Dumb Move #5: Hopping from Church to Church
Dumb Move #6: Fighting Among Ourselves
Dumb Move #7: Missing Golden Opportunities
Dumb Move #8: Settling for Mediocrity
Dumb Move #9: Allowing Wolves to Live Among the Sheep
Dumb Move #10: Accepting the Unacceptable

This book would almost make a great start into a sermon series. I've done some of these moves. I see them in the church. I've cited some. The fact is I've been guilty of Move #1 in my own way of making fun of the church - and all the Jesus Junk that is out there. My focus needs to be on presenting Jesus, not worrying about what this church, or that, or what he or she says but rather what God says.

Atteberry cites 2 Chronicles 25:2 towards the end of his book (pg. 198) "Amaziah did what was pleasing in the Lord's sight, but not wholeheartedly."

I think that is what allows (As Atteberry does) for these dumb moves to happen is that it isn't done with wholehearted "Christians." We can learn from our dumb moves, correct them and use them as a wake up call to present Jesus.

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