Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Hate Doug Fields?

I hate Doug Fields. Okay, maybe hate is such a strong word, maybe it's
dislike. I have nothing against Doug Fields himself; just that so many in
youth ministry want to attempt to be well like Doug Fields or the next
Doug Fields of youth ministry. Don't be like Doug. (Or even like Mike for
that matter). What God has done at Saddleback is great. But be who you
are, and God created you to be.

Imitiate Jesus, not Doug. I think that's the way Doug would of liked it.
Pointing all things to God's Glory that we may Love God and love our
students. We don't need more Doug Fields in Youth Ministry. We need more
youth workers who have a passion and desire to be who God wants them to
be in youth ministry. I've stopped trying to be Like Doug, Mike
Yaconelli, Duffy Robbins (And whoever else is Big in your Denomination)
and let God work on me. God has blessed people like Doug, and He can me.

I wonder why we look to people like Doug Fields, instead of the Rulemaker
That Doug Loves. Maybe that's the point. Don't let your life be modeled
after Doug Fields, model your life after the God who Doug loves. I really
don't dislike Doug Fields; I've just fallen more in love with the God he

What about you? Caught in the game of trying to imitiate a mega church;
instead of just learning and applying some principles from them. How can
you fall back in love with God? Maybe it isn't looking at what others
have; but thanking God that their part in the Body is doing well ..and
God Can use you too.

What do you think? Hate Doug? or Love the God He Serves?


Anonymous said...

If you walk with the wise you will be wise.

Paul said: "Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ."
I Corinthians 11:1

Doug has been a great mentor to me, and he doesn't even know me. I would not be youth pastoring today if it was not for his vision and insight into youth ministry.

He has never come across as arrogant or condescending, and has always stressed: God, family and others in his life.

Regis said...

What's wrong with Doug? He's just a sinner like the rest of us, doing the best with what God has blessed him with. He has received insight into the complexity that is youth ministry, and now he's sharing that. It should be embraced as a blessing and nothing less.

But I do agree on the point that we don't need any more Doug's. We need people with his desire, though...we need people with the desire to truly see the lives of our youth conformed to the likeness of Christ. And with that desire in mind, I'm not sure if it matters whether or not we practice ministry Doug's way; what matters is that we serve the youth with which the Lord has blessed and (I would dare to say) challenged us.

Anonymous said...

GMan, I agree your use of the word HATE is harsh and not Gods way, you come across as if you have your own issues that you need to address with in yourself, then you would have come across in a better light while speaking on this subject.
Yes I do enjoy Doug Fields speaking, Im a mother of 2 and they are 15yrs old, If there is a minister helping any teenager to live their life in a Godly way, he is alright by me, and if Doug Fields is the vehicle to help another young christian that wants to help be another vehicle to other young kids to come to the Lord, then thats alright by me, because Dougs way is GOD's way and I believe that people like Doug helps even adults to want to attend church or even just listen to the word of God which will help them be a better parent to their children. So if you are young and want to be like Doug (sharing Gods words, especially to young people) SO BE IT!!!!!!!!!
Sorry GMAN, didnt mean to bring you down or be disrespectful, I just dont understand your way of thinking especially being a Man of God.
God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

I have met the guy - as a member of Saddleback Church and can say there was a quiet cheer that went through that church when he shuffled off from active ministry in Fall 2009 - he can be boorish towards women, he has been known to say cutting remarks about his wife and family during sermons and is not known for pitching when manual labor is required but is on hand to mock the efforts of others. Big campus like that need assistance at times and he finds it amusing when other rolled up their sleeves to serve rather hush up and get involved. He reminds many memebers of the once popular jock from a small town who never grew up.