Thursday, September 03, 2009

8 Excuses People Give For not Attending Church

So I read this Article
on 5 Reasons (They actually have 8) people don't goto church.

Got me thinking of Dan Kimball's book: They like Jesus, just not the Church

But the really shocker is most excuses come from so-called Christians.

So let me attempt to answer these excuses.

1. What do I wear? Seriously dude? Come naked. OK. Don't come naked, but just wear what you normally would (Minus the thong). Church isn't a comparison Dress up game but rather who you are and what you want to be. It is more than clothes.

2. Why would I want to come to church; it is the only day I can sleep in? Seriously? You sleep in until 10am? I gave that up when I went to college. There is also this wonderful invention - called the Sunday Afternoon nap. Most guys do it in the Fall while watching NFL when their team is losing anyways ... so you should try it sometimes.

3. I can worship God at home by watching that TV preacher or out in the Woods. But do you? Most people who use this don't do this - another lame excuse.

4. But I understand the church and its styles. Neither does everyone else. It is called learning.

5. There are too many hyprocrites there. Always room for one more. The only difference between those that are the church, and those that aren't Christians - is Christians have accepted Forgiveness.

6. I don't like the style of music. Don't worry, neither do I. Style changes. It isn't about you; nor me. It is about God. It isn't about hymns, contemporary, non-contemporary, traditional, grunge, blended. Worship is about God. It is more than singing. Singing can be a part of worship but in and of itself is not worship alone. Worship shows what and Who you love. Worship is always changing.

7. There is nothing for my family. No students my son's age - so he can date girls (I actually got this one) For small churches and medium sized there is a catch 20. too small to be big; and too big to be small. People Church shop. Unfortunately. Well, super Walmart mega church down the street has an awesome this and that - why don't you? And I'm like - well, thanks ... I'm so glad you think we need that ... why don't you head that up? (Silence). There is lots for people to do if they want to get involved rather than just sit on the sidelines. Whiners and complainers need not apply.

8. See Better things. (This goes along with #7) People always think the Grass is greener. The problem is all churches are messy. No church is perfect. (If they think they are - RUN AWAY). The problem though becomes it (Seeing things better) sometimes turns into a bashing of the bride of Christ and turning her into a prostitute rather than the Bride she is. You see the Kingdom of God is bigger than any one church; and any one congregation but is a part of the Body and the Larger Universal CHURCH.
We have to be willing to make a less than desirable situation better and great. See the optimism in the situation rather than giving up hope and just throwing in the towel and going down the street to Mr. Super-walmart Church that we think has it all together when it doesn't either.

Are there people that need to leave and go to another church? Sure. Some people just aren't going to be satisfied no matter what and in a new context might thrive. I'm just glad that God is still molding, making, refining the congregation where I am at - included myself - messy disciple at all.

What Excuses have you heard? Any others you would add?

Here are some I found amusing

and the 180 more

and excused used in a sermon Illustration

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