Thursday, September 03, 2009

Transformation Happens.

The purpose statement the congregation has is: "Transforming families into people of purpose." (Which is some ways is a mouthful.)

I got thinking is there an easier way to state our purpose?

Sure? Transformation Happens - based on Romans 12:1-2.

Happens in

-Your life.

-Your Family.

-Your Church.

-In the World.
(Job, community, unto the ends of the earth)

So what does this include? this included Spiritual development of people, by people, for people - thus taking them where they are to where they are to be. The Great commission and greatest commandment summed up.

What is the purpose statement or Vision of your church? Does it need to be revised and relooked at?

I know of one ministry that had one that no one could recite and had to revisit it.

Here is what their old Mission statement was "WE exist to accomplish God's will by attracting people in faith in Christ, encouraging love for one another and equipping believers for service in the church and a life mission in the world."

Of course, I had a minister friend of mine who stated: "Most mission statements aren't worth the paper they are written on." Then again if you aim for nothing - you hit it every time though.

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