Friday, August 28, 2009

All I ever learned in Life I learned from my wisdom teeth.


So I recently had my wisdom teeth out. They were horizontal. (See image)

The interesting thing about this whole process is some lessons I've learned.

1. Don't take your family for granted.

2. There are some things you just won't remember.

3. Pain isn't always a good thing.

4. It is ok to talk like a chipmunk when you're little; as an adult - not so much.

5. Silence sometimes is a good thing.

6. There is a lot of time to reflect.

7. Sleep helps one heal.

8. Healing doesn't happen overnight.

10. Taste is a good sense.

11. Learn to choose your words wisely.

12. Be thankful for friends and the few blessings you have.

13. It is always a bad idea to think about Steak when you can't eat it!

14. Take care of yourself; not too many other people will.

15. Prayer is always a good thing.

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