Friday, August 28, 2009

Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl by N.D. Wilson - A Review.

N.D. Wilson's Latest Work
reminds me alot of a Friend
. His poetic, narrative, and mixing story all into one message. I couldn't help but think of Renee's book: Stumbling towards Faith. N.D. Wilson's book isn't stumbling though it is a whirlwind of a ride with vivid pictures, conveying images and sometimes I think he is a touch of ADHD in him. There are times I think I follow his writing, when all of the sudden he twists and and discusses painting, where is Paul?

I really enjoyed reading this work, but also had to hold on for the ride and concentrate on what the author was trying to convey. If anything this volume speaks and gives attention more to the beautiful world that we live in and how badly broken it is as well. This story isn't the ending but the beginning of a conversation of how we enjoy the ride of which we call LIFE. Notes from the tilt-a-whirl - really can be called my ride in this fast paced life and how I'm all turned upside down, inside out, and am not happy but am happy all the time. Get your copy ...if you want a ticket.

I had to personally take a break from the book, and then revisit it and enjoyed the delightful poetic story it contains.

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