Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Your Church should be involved with Relay For Life.


So last nite we had our church partner with a local business to be behind the scenes and be visible with the Relay For Life

So Why should a Church Support Rely for Life. Here are a few reasons.

I. Ministry of Presence. Nothing like being there for People.

II. Support of the Community. Fact is this Event is a Big deal for the Community.

III. Chances for Ministry. To interact and to meet new people and to minister to them to hear their stories.

IV. Cancer - affects everyone. Chances are there are people in your congregation that are struggling or know someone that is struggling with Cancer.

V. A chance to pray. I had the honor of just saying "grace" for the Survivor's Dinner. I also had a chance to quietly walk around the track and just pray quietly.

VI. A chance to listen. (See #1)

VII. A chance to help. I didn't expect to break up a fight ... but did. Be willing to help where needed.

Any other suggestions?

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