Monday, February 02, 2009

The Ego of Youth Ministry

Seems Timothy Eldred
has a lot to say.

His latest article, The Ego Trip of youth ministry, has me concerned. I get the jest of it ...He wants youth ministry to be youth doing ministry.

What I take issue with is statements like:

"The "A-List" youth pastors of the 90's have moved on to church planting; therefore, worthwhile youth ministry is in hibernation. Maybe you've heard the same nonsense point of view."

and this statement:

"Youth ministry is not about doing for or ministering to young people. It's about youth doing ministry: to youth, by youth, for youth. It's not complicated; it's the recipe for success."

And concluding with this:

"If you're looking for God to move like never before in your church, start a youth ministry that produces youth in ministry."

Now let's look at each statement.

1. Ummm, maybe the guys in the 90s were feed up with being treated as second class citizens and knew that there was more to just youth ministry than just youth but to be the church for all ages.

2. Umm the recipe for success? Where is God in this? Where is the church? What about the church being not only for youth but for all? I think successful youth ministries are ones that forget its all about just youth but about the church as a whole. Doesn't have these separate youth ministries but supports families, teens, students of all ages. Has teens that are interacting with godly role models even in their 90s?
I think the best way to ruin youth ministry is to be in the whole 1.0 or 2.0 and think it is about students. Why not just be the Church? afterall, it isn't all about students, relationships and such - those are just tools. It is all about Jesus.

3. If you want God to move in your church like never before, forget about just focusing on specific and specialized ministries and gimmicks and just be the Church God has called you to be.

I'm just wonder why we think it is all about what we do ... and maybe we should depend upon God more to give the increase?

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