Friday, January 30, 2009

HMs in Ministry!

We, all have HMs in ministry. You know the people who are very high maintenance. They consume your time. Drain your energy. At times you might even think they are demon possessed and want to run in the other direction. So how does one handle the HMs they have in ministry?

1. Pray for them.

2. Don't allow them to monopolize your time.

3. Set boundaries. Things like "I love to talk more but I have this amount of time to do so ...."

4. Be kind to them. (It is like heaping hot coals ....see Romans 12:19-21)

5. Love them.

6. Encourage them to get involved in ministry. (So they quit bothering you ..j/k)

7. Send them a note.

8. Listen to their stories.

9. See it from their perspective - perhaps there is a reason for their being an HM and maybe help them get the help they need.

10. Show them how they can be effective. (Introduce them to this thing called Social networking ... that way they would be busy bothering other people ....J/k)

What other suggestions would you have to helping those HMs you have in ministry?

How have you dealt with them? Love them like Jesus or just ignore?

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