Monday, February 02, 2009

Kingdom minded and bringing youth groups together

Several good ideas about being Kingdom minded and have done this but here is
my caution about doing so.

1. Who is ultimately in charge?

2. Who pays for it?

3. What about liability and insurance issues?

4. Timing? (As much as I'd like to work with 1st Christian down the road hearing about your event this week doesn't give me enough time nor effort to promote it. So please send stuff at least 6wks in advance.

5. Methods. Does it fit into what we're doing? What is the purpose? Merely entertain?
Fellowship? what?

6. Theology. As much as we'd like to say all churches believe the same and we worship the same God ... there are some I'd rather stay far away from ... ones that say everyone's way is ok and that Jesus is one of many ways to get to heaven. Seriously.

7. Staffing? When working with other youth groups - (see #1) staffing and having enough chaperones is important.

8. Location. Where will the programming be? Will it be too far from the student's home?
Are parents willing to drive their kids to First Baptist when Second Assembly is a mere one minute from their home?

9. Territory. As much as we'd like to think we're Kingdom minded. Will it embarrass or be seen as competition when First Church brings 100 kids and hosts the event; meanwhile Third Church only has one show up?

10. Pride. Whose pride is at stake if it doesn't work? What are the Pros/ Cons of such a gathering? I've seen lots of Crusades done (Greg L., Billy Graham) and youth rallies - only to be mountaintop experiences to let people go back into the valleys. What about

11. What about discipleship? There is something to be said about remaining small and
pastoring the flock. Spurgeon said to one of his students who complained about the
smallness of his church "It is as big as you want to give an account for on the day
of judgment"
Sometimes we get the idea ...let's get the youth groups all together and do an event
without sometimes thinking through all of it.

12. Network - see what other youth workers are doing and are in your area and doing. The National Network of Youth Ministries is a great resource.

Just a few thoughts I had.

I get asked a lot on this. Like local camp stuff, things like Creation, and some good and bad things. Mostly we support Sister churches in the RM. There are some valid concerns above. I brought some teens to some SYATP events only to be disappointed to find out that some were crusades to say "Look how cool our church is compared to yours"

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