Thursday, November 06, 2008

Top 10 Things I've Learned from Government!

I. Everyone is an expert. People like to talk like they know to run things.

II. Everyone likes to talk about government. Politics comes easy to talk about; especially at the water cooler.

III. There are winners and losers. Someone's feelings will be hurt, and others will bask in the glory of their "winner."

IV. There are always great analogies for government. A business, a sporting game, entertainment.

V. Government has a cost. It takes a lot of money to run government.

VI. It usually takes more than one person to get something done. (Think Highway workers and just one person working while 5 watching him work)

VII. There is always Bias. Whether media, editorials, radio. There is always a bias. No one is exempt from bias.

VIII. It usually takes time to go through all the rules, policies, procedures, (all the motions) to get something done. (See #6)

IX. We need LEADERS!!! Often the Real leaders are those working behind the scenes and not seeking the front person position.

X. God established our leaders. Romans 13:1-7.

The more I look at the above list the more I see it isn't just for any one government or politics but can be applied to business politics, school, campus, church and our local, state, (provincial) and national governments as well.

Ht to Robert H


Robert Hruzek said...

Being an *ahem* expert myself, I must agree with ya, Gerrard! :-D

Great point at the end, though - these are the principles by which everything Gets Done, ya know?

Hey, thanks for participating in this month's What I Learned From..." project. Don't forget to drop by next month for our next one, too!


Ellen Weber said...

Thanks for the interesting post Gerrard, I'd be interested to see how you'd engage and inspire a person preparing to lead, with each of the opposites to these, where they are not working well.

Makes me wonder how we could each live their opposites:-)

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