Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When Prayer Requests Get into Gossip Sessions

So Recently
a prayer request (Email @ that) had made itself into the media field. (Sure the preacher is famous and such and has a big church, but does it make it right that someone possibly in their concern ... and in praying leaked this to the media?)

I'm just wondering where we as God's people draw the line?

We are to be truthful. We are to pray for one another. But the main thing Prayer is private. There are certain issues "We" just don't need to know. (Fact I'm already sick of hearing about Madonna's divorce and how the media spin it)

I think we need to be careful how we tell others about prayer requests and how we present them. (There are just some people that want to be prayed for all the time and the attention on them and not on that the Holy Spirit is groaning on our behalf)

I think it is good to ask yourself several questions when passing on a prayer requests or adding it to some prayer list.

Here are some questions I need to ask:

1. Do others need to be praying for this?
2. Will I break some confidentiality if I tell others?
3. Would it be easier to be brief and not state everything about the request?
4. How is my own prayer life, and have I, myself prayed for this situation?
5. Is this gossip, or is it sincere concern?
6. Am I being above reproach in presenting this?
7. Would it be easier to be "General" rather than specific in my request?
8. Should this be in another media form to prayer for? Email, prayer chain, etc. Or was was this just an individual requests?
9. Am I making this to be a "show" or am I praying as Jesus gave an example of in his sermon on the Mt?
10. If this "request" was someone I loved, would I want the whole world to know or keep it private?

Other questions?

How do you keep your prayer sessions with students and adults from being gossip sessions? where is the line?

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