Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ministry is more about Listening than it is Speaking.

I'm learning this lesson along life's journey. Life is full of surprises. Life is messy, broken and isn't easy.

Ministry is about listening.

It is about listening to:

1. God's Voice - and doing what He would have us do.

2. It is about listening to God's people - their stories. There are many hurting people out there that just want you to listen.

3. It is about listening leaders. We need leaders that don't just talk, but sit still and listen and try to comfort, grieve, be joyful when the occasion is needed.

4. It is about listening to those that need Jesus. Listening to their stories of suffering, pain, and on life's journey ...knowing that that the GREAT Listener has been there all along.

5. It is about listening to parents. Listening to their dreams, visions they have for their children. It isn't so much telling parents how to parent; as it is listening and encouraging parents to parent.

6. It is about listening to mentors. Learning how one disciples. Want to know how to disciple - listen to others who been there.

7. It is about listening to servants. Those that serve have Great stories. Stories of Faith. Stories of stepping out of the boat and getting out of their comfort zones. Stories to go beyond of which they only trusted God.

8. It is about listening to children. Listen to a child use their imagination and dream Big things. Listen to their innocence. Listen to them having fears, and also No fears. Listening to them not caring what holds the future.

9. It is about listening to a heartbeat. Sometimes hearing the simple things in life cause us to pause. Be Still. Have balance. Embrace life.

10. It is about listening to all. Listen to a teen talk about college. Listen to some of the elderly when they talk about "when they were young ..." Listen to young adults who have hope for the future.

Listening isn't easy. Sometimes, we, who are in ministry, like to talk more than listen. We do that because it is easier. Talk is cheap. Actions are few. Listening is hard. I wish I'd just listen more often.

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