Monday, October 06, 2008

What I have learned from stress?

So what have we learned from stress?

Here is what I have learned from stress ... especially as one in ministry.

1. Everyone will have stress in their lives.

2. It is how one responds to stress that makes them either better people or to more stressed.

3. Usually if one views stress as a learning experience and have ways to respond to it - it can make one a better person.

4. If one chooses to dwell on their stress and doesn't take steps to reduce it - they can end up in a worse position than they had when the issue began.

So let's look at ways to reduce Stress:

A. Have an outlet -someone that will listen, not critique but listen and just be a friend.
B. Play a sport or have an outlet like a quiet place to scream and let out your stress - I find that if my issue is some leader - I just pretend they are the bowling pins - and boy does my bowling go great. Finding that outlet and friend that listens isn't easy.
C. Have a mentor that will listen and help you take steps to get less stress in your life - perhaps it is getting away from that High Maintaining person. "Baby steps" (Think the movie "What about Bob?"
D. Get the help you need - perhaps talking to a professional counselor, or other person to get the mental, social, physical, spiritual help you need to be less stressed. Being in good health helps support your family.
E. Know You Are not alone. Everyone has stress. Someone has been there. There is empathy and ultimately God is in control!!!
F. Pray, pray, pray. Giving it up to God and letting him carry your burdens!!!

If you don't address the stress in your life - it can eat away at you and leave you a bitter, cynical, and negative person. (Trust me I know)

Ministry can be and is very stressful ...but it is how one addresses and handles it that makes them a better person. Have a good one!!

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Bob said...

Thanks for joining us this month with "What I Learned From Stress", Gerrard.

I think the crux is #2 - and the solution is to make up your mind how you're going to handle things (either via #3 or #4) ahead of time. That way, the decision is easy and you can proceed right to a solution.

Good lessons!

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