Tuesday, September 02, 2008

5 Things I would Do to Change the NHL

So over at Puck Daddy blog
they have different sports and hockey personalities writing on 5 ways they'd change the NHL ... so here are mine.

1. Fire Gary Bettman
there is even a website
dedicated to do so. Fact is even with some of the recent improvements of the "NEW" NHL - the current commish has lost respect from the fans, players, and well some of the ownership doesn't even know or understand the direction the NHL is going. (The Coolest Game on ICE) The commish has made this rich and vast history sport into a mockery and well for the NHL to make up for things like the lockout, expansions, Free agency out of control, Hockey hard to find on the networks ... and well disrespect from the Union ... Gary needs to go.

2. Turn the Winter Classic idea to the Stanley Cup Champions versus All-stars. Having the Winter Classic and the recent all-star game (almost a joke now and wondering why?) The Winter Classic needs to embrace the different venues and also make the Break ..worth it.

3. Bring back the Canada Cup. (The World Cup is for "football fans" (aka soccer) and have the PR department do a good job to promote the whole North American rivalry. Canada versus the US. That's what people want to see. From the winter olympics to the Canada Cup.

4. Less Games. More Action. Every team should face each other at least 2x. and in each division maybe 3x. Make the current schedule between 60-72 games. A long season makes the prolonged "losers" offering no hope.

5. Add more Goons. Celebrate the history of the NHL. Don't insult the current and loyal fans you have. Change even the names of the divisions to the old names. Quit trying to win new fans while losing some of your loyal fan base. Further expansion to KC, and Vegas is almost insulting is you can't get the support for current teams you have. Adding more goons - brings more action, more thrill, and well more Canadian viewership (where alot of the revenue comes from) for the game. Celebrate NHL's VAST history. The oldest Trophy to be awarded. The most unique trophy. And well ... Get a new franchise to Hamilton. (It is afterall only commonsense)

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