Sunday, April 13, 2008

Visiting Churches of a Variety of Sizes.

So its been over a month since I announced my resignation ... I've been to 3 churches in the area and wanted to do an evaluation of each.

(Maybe your Church fits into one of these described)

Church A.

1. Very outreach oriented. Uses their preschool as an outreach. Has multiple services. People visit and try to shepherd their flock. They even visited my wife when she was in the hospital. Very traditional Baptist. A church of about probably 350 or so. The one thing I would say is the church style is very traditional - yet their outreach and community demographics are changing to a younger generation. I'd suggest either having a Contemporary service or blending the service more. An older worship leader was ok. The pastor spoke well - but tend to get most people lost in his Churchianity words. Personally, we might visit occasionally just due to the the people but the service itself was probably more of a traditional and C+. Probably been in the area for some time.

Church B.

2. From brochures and reading online I thought this was the "Mega Church" in the area. It was a new church of 3yrs old. (so certain expectations were there since I been involved in some ways with Church planting). The church was meeting at a local High School. The people seemed somewhat friendly - the weird thing was everyone has to get a nametag and kind of sign in. Seemed odd to me. The service was ok. The called it contemporary but the most contemporary song was at least 5yrs old and an ole Crowder song. The pastor lead worship with a full praise band and then spoke. He spoke well - on the idea of "Inspiration" and the series was on "By the Book." Very elementary in its teaching. I'm sure this was for new Christians - but really it seemed almost too elementary as if insulting a non-Christian's intellect. The service was less than an hour and I was home. I left my name and an email. Still haven't heard from the Church. They had maybe 200 there with more behind the scenes with kids etc for maybe a church of 300 which I thought being a Community church - (ReaLLY Baptist in disguise.) I'd give this service a B. Would probably visit occasionally but don't see me fitting in here!

Church C.

3. (Disclaimer I know the minister and some of the people there). A small church that was planted maybe 12 yrs ago. I thought originally the church was bigger than it was. As I walked in - everyone greeted us. (Guess they don't get too many visitors) It was a good little church - reminded me of my wife's home church. And by little I meant there were less than 30 people in the main assembly area. The music was ok. (Blended). I liked the preaching. (Remember I know the minister) and was good to be in a church of same roots. I'd give this church at least a C+ -B. See us visiting every now and then but it needs alot of people who are willing to work and make it better. Has potential but kid-wise not alot for my own children being offered.

If God wills we stay in the area probably looking at more of RM background in a church as well as where can serve.

church is the next on the list to visit. I know the Lead Guy. The church is just a few years old and might visit their new Satellite campus that just started a few weeks ago.

Any advice you give?

If someone was visiting your church - what would you want them to tell you?
What would help you to better your ministry?


Mickey said...

Good post. Please keep sharing that kind of info as you visit more churches, as it can help all of us to make our churches more friendly.

theoquest said...

I'd like to hear from visitors about what we did that made them feel like outsiders? Jargon they didn't understand? Times they didn't know what to do?

Some of these may be necessary in worship, but they should be explained if they are.

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