Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Parable of the Lost Hubcap!

I lost my Hubcap. Not just any ordinary hubcap but to my new car. I've known to have lost some hubcaps. (Why is that? Is it the vehicles I own or my driving? Hmm that's for another post).

Anyways ... I looked everywhere for it. I knew I had another hubcap at home. (For some strange reason this car came with a set of extra 4) I had to look for it though. I searched and searched and still didn't find it. You see Hubcaps are of value. They are valuable to me. They are worth something. They were worth the time and effort for me to put in to look for it.

A hubcap has value. That reminds me of another parable. A parable found in the Scriptures about Finding something more valuable than a hubcap. Even the Shepherd left behind his ninety nine sheep to find the one. So how much valuable are we.

BTW I never did find that hubcap!

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