Friday, February 01, 2008

When to leave?

How long is long enough???

Every now and then this comes up. So I'm referring to Duffy Robbins' book Youth Ministry Nuts and Bolts - Chapter Sixteen (A real gem of a book that every youthworker needs)

The Question starts on pg. 254
Should I move?
You need to ask these questions:
1. Have I been here long enough to reach my most effective years?
2. Do I have a dream for this ministry?
3. Do my spiritual gifts match the present needs of my ministry?
4. Is my philosophy of ministry compatible with my church?
5. Are people still willing to follow me?

Hold It.....Don't Touch that resume ...

Due to:
Problem People
Financial dissatisfaction
Hurt Feelings

When is a Move Appropriate?

When staying with the present church violates your integrity

When family needs would be ignored by staying.

When your relationship with the congregation has detriorated beyond reasonable hope of reconciliation.

When it is clearly the will of God that we move to a specific new ministry. The

Leave Principle ...(When to Leave)

Lack of personal growth
Expenses exceed income (not enough income to support my family)
A breakdown in relationships (Among staff, students, parents) Vision has ceased Evidence that God is leading elsewhere.

Hopefully this helps. Duffy has great stuff in his book besides this ...From pages 254-261.

Here are some other things to consider with should I stay or should I go?

1.Where do I see myself one year from now? Five years from now? If not here why?

2.Can I be myself at this current congregation? Authenticity is a Big thing. If the church allows your personality and giftedness to be used … then why leave? ( I have damaged a van, on my 4th laptop and am still employed after just 5yrs)

3.Will my integrity be hurt? How above approach are you? Are you being feed and spiritually challenged as well?

4.What about my family?

5.What are the pros and cons of staying or leaving – get out the ole paper and write them out!

6.Are there red flags that say I should be moving on?Such as the anonymous letters and Ads for other youth ministry positions that end up on your desk. (No lie – happened in my first ministry)

7.Is God calling me elsewhere? Can my gifts and abilities be used Elsewhere for the Kingdom?

8.Can I work with the current leadership and direction of the Church?This changes and the vision and that tends to change. If you can’t be supportive of the leadership –something has to give.

9.How are my relationships with others? Students, parents, staff, Sometimes your role may change or duties or you feel you have changed and the relationships are always changing. But is there a breakdown that will affect you and the ministry?

10. WHY? Why leave or stay? Is it because you think it is rosier on the other side? (Every church has its problems). Have a good heart to heart with a good friend, mentor and with God and make sure you are convinced that God has you either staying or going.

Long term ministries are well worth it.For a time there I thought of investing in U-haul because of moves I’ve done.

Any others you would ADD?

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Maranatha John said...

Hey, alongside that book, I think you should also check out "Those who leave you" and "Loyalty and Disloyalty" by author Dag Heward-Mills. I believe it'll be a great addendum to your collection and a great source of counsel. Be blessed :)

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