Friday, February 08, 2008

My problems with McChurch!

Some discussion on the Franchised Church
which came from This Article

Some thoughts of mine:

“ The Bible says, “without vision, the people perish.” Your church needs vision. And vision needs systems.”

You do realize that Vision = equates or can be easily translated better as without revelation, people perish. This without God in it.

“Church History tells us the “Franchised Church” works and that God uses it.”

This phrase also troubles me why? Because the McChurches out there almost can take McBible and McJesus out of their McStrategies and depend on McSELF rather than God Himself to Grow the church. Hence why the Apostle Paul said some water, some plant the seed but God gives the increase (loose translation)

I think if we base the church on our own strength and McBusiness philosophy than we McLost what Church is really McBout!

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