Friday, February 01, 2008

My Identity as a Youth Worker.

There are so many roles I play in doing youth ministry. In fact youth ministry to me isn’t as much as doing as it is in being. It is being who God called me.
So humor me if you must, but here are some roles I’ve played in youth ministry and maybe you have too.
1. Food preparer.
2. Game coordinator.
3. Camp Dean.
4. Janitor.
5. Counsellor.
6. Pastor.
7. Teacher.
8. Preacher.
9. Role Model.
10. Encourager.
11. Father.
12. Parent.
13. Group leader.
14. Christian.
15. Prayer leader.
16. Disciple.
17. He who loves God.
18. Crier.
19. Worshipper.
20. Leader.
21. Minister.
22. Servant.
23. Friend.
24. Follower.
25. Seeker.
26. Writer.

So what identifies you in youth Ministry? Grace, love, hope, peace, patience? May God continue to be the most identified person in your life as you love Him and love those students.

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