Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Top 10 Things to be Banned in Youth Ministry.

1. The "I know it All" Youth Worker.

2. The "Entertain Teens always" model

3. Thinking Relationships are the goal. (Its the means not the goal)

4. The "Informercial" Conferences that disguise themselves as "ministries" only to sell their T-shirts, conferences, speakers' books, missions trips, concerts, and then have their own industry staff call you all the time to sign up again next year for their bat .. I mean conference.

5. The excluding of parents involvement in ministry.

6. Gross Games that endanger young people. Chubby Bunny, Drinking a gallon of milk.

7. Publishers who send their curriculum free or T-shirt Fundraisers (see #4) preview only you are tricked into paying for the Big Shipping. (Hint: Have a FREE preview online)

8. Sexy Trendy trying to be Cool - Youth Ministry. (see 1-2) Not every youth ministry has to be exactly like Doug Fields or 180 or with Extreme anything in its name.

9. Activity Driven Youth Ministry. Activities in and of themselves aren't bad but when programs and we become a complainer of other activities and think "soccer" and other sports compete with our "Youth group" maybe we need to rethink what YM is about.

10. Numbers as the only indicator of Growth. Numbers can be one of many variables but comparisons and playing the number game is immature. God has given you enough students that you can account for on the day of judgment. If that means one student invest in that one or one hundred and one.



Adam McLane said...

Toga parties. Slave auctions. Killer expectations on growth in the first year. Kissing booths.

jeff said...

I say a robust AMEN to number 4!

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